Member WhereIs #2: Results

The second post in my Member WhereIs project brought in 26 more responses, bringing the total sample size from 20 to 46. With double the sample size, our foothold on the national scene has improved. Remember, the more answers I get to these posts, the more verbose the results. 

Updated Stats:

  • Total Sample: 46 (+26)
  • Falcoholics in US: 42 (+25)
  • Falcoholics outside US: 4 (+1)
  • Percentage of US Falcoholics: 91.3% (+6.3%)
  • Percentage of International Falcoholics: 8.7% (-6.3%)
  • Percentage of Falcoholics in Georgia: 38.1% (-3.1%)

New Stats:

  • US states with Falcoholics: 18
  • Percentage of US states with Falcoholics: 36%
  • Percentage of Falcoholics in the Southeast region: 55%
  • Percentage of Falcoholics within twenty miles of the Dome: 14%


In-state fanbase is losing ground to out-of-state fans, falling 3.1%...Falcoholic fanbase has only picked up one more international Falcoholic...Georgia Falcoholics saw the most growth, gaining nine more members...FrankyWren remains sole member of "Midwest" region...Fearless Leader Dave the Falconer now has three Falcoholic neighbors in his region




The red dot in the Australia map represents a user's specific location. The pink border represents the other Aussie Falcoholic's membership. The England map remains unchanged. If you would like to view it, click here.




Want to see the first results? Click here. As I said before, the more answers I get, the better and more verbose the data will be. If you're feeling unrepresented, speak up! Leave your state/region in a comment and I'll add you to the fray!

Edit: Updated US map and US State chart. Fixed a spelling error.

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