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News On The Wing: February 10 Edition

Sometimes life gives you news and you've gotta make news-ade.

Welcome to News on the Wing, where I'll try to round up articles about the Falcons, the NFC South and the NFL in general that I think are particularly interesting or relevant. In the spirit of my quick-hit journalism career, we'll round these up every Tuesday until I forget about it or pass out drunk in a gutter somewhere. You know, the typical Tuesday evening for Dave the Falconer.

Without further ado:

  • As our good friend runningback noted, Michael Koenen got the franchise tag. This is sure to prompt some head-scratching, but the Falcons don't ahve a clear franchise tag guy outside of Michael Boley, and he clearly wasn't going to command that any longer. I'd say it's better to make sure we can keep a guy who was an integral piece of a historic punting squad, wouldn't you?
  • Little old, but this ESPN look at the best coaching staffs in the NFC South ends predictably: with Mike Smith & Co. at the top. Is there anything Smitty can't do?
  • A truly outstanding look at Falcon free agents and the team's potential moves in that arena, courtesy of's Daniel Cox. I totally agree that signing Harvey Dahl and Tyson Clabo needs to be a priority.
  • There was a Pro Bowl, I guess? I can't stand the utter uselessness of the Pro Bowl and neither can the players, which is probably why I didn't even note that Roddy White caught a pass. The fact that he made it out without any injuries is all I care about.
  • Canal Street Chronicles is taking a look at Saints free agents and making for the longest link ever. Worth a glance, though I doubt any of them would interest us.
  • Buc 'Em illustrates why Jon Gruden is a tool without meaning to. They're much better off with Raheem Morris running the show, in my very humble opinion.
  • We're not the only ones weighing the possibility of bringing Albert Haynesworth on board. I wouldn't want to see the Panthers get him, either.