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Admonitions from Section 326

Ok, gang. You're going to get a side of me you may not enjoy, a side many of you will not agree with. That's fine. You have your opinions, I have mine. And now I'm going to share them. Dave may have minced his words, but I will not. I'm in no mood to coddle.

Yesterday, I took my father, the man I respect most in this world, to see his first professional football game. He's always been a college football guy and yesterday, I made it my mission to convert him to Falcoholism. Through thick and thin, best and worst, my father has stuck by his Alabama Crimson Tide all his life. I've done the same for my Falcons since 1995. I convinced him, regardless of the storylines attached to the Eagles/Falcons game, that the fans around us were going to root on our Falcons and stick by them through the good and bad.

Yesterday, I left the Dome early for the first time ever. I have never turned off the TV or left my seat ever before yesterday afternoon. No, I did not leave when the Falcons were down two scores. No, I did not leave when Redman threw a pick-six. No, I took my father by the arm and left when the entirety of the remaining Dome crowd cheered on the opposing team when it went up thirty-four to zero. The "fans" in the stands were cheering on the wrong uniforms. Fans I had long since come to respect and pal around with. Fans I thought who had shelved their "love" of a certain player for their love of the team.

I was dead wrong and I am utterly and completely angered, disgusted, and saddened by that fact. I have lost some faith in the Falcons' fanbase. There is nothing more disheartening than hearing and watching red and black clad individuals cheer on the enemy. I don't care if Tommy Nobis and Steve Bartkowski unretired and suited up for the Saints or Eagles or whomever. If they aren't in a Falcons uniform, they are the enemy and should be treated as such

I am more disappointed in my fellow "fans" than I am the team's "performance" yesterday and that is unbelievable. I'm getting off my soapbox now. Just know this: because of the "fans'" behavior, I highly doubt my dad will even watch another NFL game the rest of his life.

From the bottom of my broken heart, thanks.