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Saturday News And Notes: Tackling The Philadelphia Eagles

Normally I'd have a preamble that was both enlightening and heartfelt, but frankly, I'm exhausted. Let's make with the links!

  • As previously noted, DeSean Jackson is out for this Sunday's game. His absence is a blow to the Eagle passing game and a tremendous boon to us. However....
  • ....We're hurting on offense. Matt Ryan is out, Michael Turner is likely out and both Michael Jenkins and Roddy White are banged up. White will gut it out and Jenkins probably will too, but we're in enough trouble against a fierce Eagles blitzing attack as it is. Let's hope the Eagles do something criminally insane to help us out, like have Michael Vick start at quarterback.
  • Speaking of this Vick fellow...were you aware he once played for us? I'm sure that those folks in the national and local media will certainly not bring this up at any point, because it's of so little consequence and they're all so great at their jobs. Definitely.
  • Fascinating article about Roddy White and his friends. It's a tough thing to have to leave behind people who were such a big part of your life, but this does illustrate how much of a competitor White really is. Nothing's bigger than winning for him. At least as a player, that's the most admirable trait out there.
  • Matt Bryant is drawing the attention, but it's instructive to remember that the Falcons did ink a new long-snapper, as well. Here's a little more about Joe Zelenka.
  • Despite our best wishes, the Eagles aren't likely to take it easy on us just because Chris Redman's in at quarterback. This guy certainly doesn't expect it, anyways.