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A Very Falcoholic Discussion: What A 9-7 Record Would Mean To You

If you're anything like me—and for your sake, I hope not—a 9-7 season would be a watershed moment in your Falcon-rooting career.

After all, you can count the playoff berths without much difficulty, and you can definitely count the Super Bowl appearances. For franchises with a long history of sustained success, this may seem like a minor achievement, but I'm going to go berserk if the Falcons pull it off. After all, there's only been so much good cheer to go around so far in 2009.

So the topic of conversation for a lazy Tuesday morning is this: What will you do to celebrate this potential momentous occasion? What will it mean to you, a Falcons fan of one, five, ten, twenty or even thirty years? And can you recommend a good bottle of champagne in my price range?

Go forth and prosper, readers.