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Observations from Section 326: ATL vs BUF

What Had Me Screaming

  • Brent "Air" Grimes. For the second week in a row. Most talented corner we have, and he's also the shortest. This team has a heart and it wears number 20.
  • The Defense as a whole. For the second week in a row. God I love saying that.
  • Matt Ryan for showing us that this offense can score early and often.
  • Roddy White for earning every cent of that new contract.
  • For Mularkey, who made me look like a fool when, on third and goal, I turned to my father and said "This team just does not run any slant route plays" and then calling and scoring on a slant route to Marty Booker.
  • Kroy "Screaming and Kicking" Biermann, who booted two very nice place kicks and made the entire sports media world "WTF."

What Had Me Booing

  • The fact that this was the last home game of the season.

What Dave Seems to be Forgetting

  • I have pics of him that I could share to the masses. Seriously, at 9-7, You.Tube.Dave.Cast. I have connections.

Some Pep for your Step

i think biermann became a #falcons legend on sunday. he's going to be talked about for a long, long time with the fans. - @danielcox

tlozwarlock's Fan of the Game

My father, who correctly called all three touchdown passes before they happened.