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Post-Game Thread: Falcons Beat Bills In Most Entertaining Game Of 2009

The injuries are troubling, but the rest of the 31-3 drubbing the Atlanta Falcons put on the Buffalo Bills was uplifiting.

With apologies to Bills fans, I really haven't enjoyed a football game as much as I did Sunday's in a very long time. This one had it all: Kroy Biermann kicking, Roddy White kicking butt, interceptions from both Brent Grimes and Chris Owens and a bizarre sequence that saw both Eric Weems and Marty Booker running the ball on back-to-back plays. How can you beat that?

We'll have plenty of thoughts on this tomorrow, but for now I encourage you to discuss the game. Next week brings the 3-12 Tampa Bay Bucs, who will be looking to rain on our potential 9-7 parade. Gird yourselves and comment away!