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If CB Chris Houston Returns Against Bills, Who Rides The Bench?

It's fair to say that in Chris Houston's absence over the last couple of weeks, Brent Grimes and Chris Owens have played pretty well.

Owens has avoided completely embarrassing himself, an impressive feat for a rookie cornerback, and clearly has some kind of future with the the Falcons. Brent Grimes, meanwhile, has picked a couple of passes and just generally been a pest to opposing offenses, his lack of tackling acumen aside. In short, both are doing just fine.

This slightly complicates things if Chris Houston is able to return from injury this week, which isn't set in stone because he did not practice on Wednesday. Normally I'd say you have to run him back out there, given the fact that he's not really as terrible as we like to make him out to be, but there's a couple of mitigating factors this time around. Number one, he'd be coming back from a hamstring injury, which means he wouldn't necessarily be at his best. Secondly, this is the Buffalo Bills, a team with a Soviet-era offensive line and either a noodle-armed Ryan Fitzpatrick or an emotionally unstable Brian Brohm at quarterback. I'm not sure it'd hurt too much to continue to see what Owens has, since he's the most likely candidate to move down the depth chart.

Your thoughts on this compelling issue?