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Atlanta Falcons at New York Jets Open Thread

Our dreaming is done.

With the Dallas Cowboys' defeat of the Saints Saturday night, the Falcons are out of the playoff hunt. Somehow, even the slightest mathematical chance makes you believe in miracles, whether it be the odds of survival or the chances of winning the lottery. Being able to close the book on the playoff hopes of this particular ailing squad stings, but it also leaves us with a clear idea of what's at stake with three games remaining. Like many of you, I've spent the last couple of weeks grappling with what the 2009 season has become. Now it's time to apply.

I want that 9-7 record. I know it screws up our draft position, but Falcons fans need this. I need to know that the team we all sink an unhealthy amount of time into each season is capable of rising above its reputation as a laughingstock of the NFL, a team that can never sustain success. I want this King Kong-sized monkey off of our collective backs as soon as possible, and we've got to go through three teams to do it.

So I'm going to hope and pray fervently that we win against the Jets. As a fan, I don't really know how to root for my team to lose, so I'm going to root for them to win. Maybe the odds of them winning out aren't so great, but it's all I have left now. Time to get a move on.

What? Atlanta Falcons at New York Jets, 1 p.m. EST

Where? THE Meadowlands, Somewhere, New Jersey

Weather? There be snow in the forecast. Hopefully our guys play even better (or much better) when the white stuff is flying.

Injuries? We kind of flailed away at this in Saturday's post, but once again Matt Ryan, Michael Turner, John Abraham, and J.J. Birden are all questionable and likely gametime decisions. Chris Houston is doubtful, and so it looks like the Brent Grimes and Chris Owens show will be making its triumphant return this week.

The Jets are getting Mark Sanchez back and are reasonably healthy.

Odds? I don't really have the heart to support your gambling habit today.

Foe? You know how it goes over at Gang Green Nation. Stop by, say hello and politely root against the Jets.

GO FALCONS! Let's ground these Jets!