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A Look At The Falcons Red Zone Performance: Week 12

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This was obviously a horrible week all the way around, so this will be a short post. I'm eager to move into this week's game against the Saints, but it can only be instructive to see how the offense performed sans Matt Ryan and Michael Turner. Obviously, it's not good.

The Falcons converted on one out of two chances, their only success at the very end of the game. The other time was the pathetic four-and-out on the goal-line, and the Falcons had one other chance on the 22 when Chris Redman tossed an interception. It was a poor performance amplified further by the fact that the Falcons once again barely managed to get into the red zone in the first place. Blah, basically.

On the other hand, we could barely hold the Eagles back in the red zone. Besides a missed David Akers field goal, they scored every time they go down there, with three touchdowns and a pair of Akers hits. Our defense simply wasn't capable of putting an end to it, and that's the sad truth.

But hey, the Saints are coming up!