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Talking Saints With Canal Street Chronicles: The Sequel

Grizzled veterans of this site will remember earlier in aught-nine, when I talked to Saintsational of Canal Street Chronicles about Chinese food and hubris. That feature now makes its triumphant return, with my black-and-gold friend and I riffing on snow, fortune cookies and his overwhelming urge to marry another man. No, seriously.

Follow along after the jump, and you might just learn something.

Saintsational: Alright. Let's get this started.

Dave the Falconer:  Indeed.

Saintsational: I'm sure you want to ask me what it's like being the fan of such an awesome team.

Dave the Falconer:  Well, first I'd have to ask why you switched to being a Falcons fan. Seems pretty disloyal to me. But for the sake of humoring you, what's it like to be a Saints fan right now?

Saintsational:  Well, the Saints are kind of a big deal right now. Seriously though, I can't really say enough. It's hard to express in words.. This is something we've all been waiting for years to happen. I told you earlier that it's like everyone in the city drops ecstacy on Sunday and the high lasts all week.

Dave the Falconer:  I certainly am envious of the success this season.

Saintsational:  Did you see Drew on Jay Leno earlier tonight?

Dave the Falconer:  No, I was busy driving through what we New Englanders like to call "a minor inconvenience."

Saintsational:  Inconvenience? Is that traffic? Or snow?

Dave the Falconer:  Big ol' snowstorm.

Saintsational:  Oh, well, your loss dude.

Dave the Falconer:  Is Drew a rock star-type figure in New Orleans at this point?

Saintsational: I don't know about rock star. Maybe more like Tiger Woods before his multiple extramarital affairs.

Dave the Falconer:  So a cello star, maybe?

Saintsational:  I will say this...we're having an election for mayor here in New Orleans next year. If he ran, he would win. Hands down. Wouldn't even need a run-off.

Dave the Falconer:  He's probably also most qualified.

Saintsational:  Haha. I'm laughing because it's true. I'm also crying...because it's true.

Dave the Falconer:  You should probably see a therapist.

Saintsational:  Drew's not as popular in New Orleans as Michael Vick is in Atlanta apparently. What's up with that?

Dave the Falconer:   That's a cheap shot, my friend.

Saintsational:  Door was open. Wiiiiiiiiiiiide open.

Dave the Falconer:  There's still a large and vocal contingent of fans who I would say are equally or more attached to Vick than they are to the Falcons. You saw the results last Sunday.

Saintsational:  Why? Matt Ryan is pretty darn good.

Dave the Falconer:  I'm not licensed to psychoanalyze an entire fan base. So I'll just say...

Dave the Falconer:  Hey! Look over there!  :O

Saintsational:  Where? I don't see anything...

Saintsational:  Oh well, let's move on. Are the Saints going to have the good fortune of not seeing Matt Ryan on Sunday? Please answer Magic-8 ball style.

Dave the Falconer:  Outlook hazy. Try again.

Saintsational:  Damnit. I hate these things...Are the Saints going to have the good fortune of not seeing Matt Ryan on Sunday?

Dave the Falconer:  Outlook good. Instead, you'll face off against the awesome might of Chris Redman.

Saintsational: Seriously? No Matt Ryan?

Dave the Falconer:  Seriously. The coaching staff is saying they won't play Ryan without injured linemen Sam Baker and Harvey Dahl. Something about not getting him killed. I'm a bit hazy on the details.

Saintsational:  Really? That's pretty interesting. It's funny, because that means they don't give a flying you know what about Redman. That must make him feel good.

Dave the Falconer: He used to sell insurance. I'm presuming he has some.

Saintsational:  Ha!  Alright, more injury questions. What about Turner? Please answer this one fortune cookie style.

Dave the Falconer:  Michael Turner are find true love only in playing field. Lucky Numbers: 4 775 33 666. Learn To Speak Chinese: *&@#*$& is Boat.

Saintsational:  You've outdone yourself with that one. So you think he'll play?

Dave the Falconer:  Actually, I'm doubtful he will. Damn fortune cookie format. I think the coaching staff has to take it easy on him, especially because Jason Snelling and Jerious Norwood are good options.

Dave the Falconer:  I noticed that Pierre Thomas, Mike Bell and Reggie Bush were all limited in practice. Who among them will play this weekend? Please answer as if you were Alex Trebek.

Saintsational:  To be sure, the answer we were looking for was, "They will all probably dress this Sunday." We would have also accepted, "The Roaring Twenties will roar on."

Dave the Falconer:  Haha. We would also have accepted "Potent Potables."

Saintsational:  The Penis Mightier for $27,000, Trebek!

Dave the Falconer:  I'll take The Rapist for $200. That's therapist, Mr. Connery!

Saintsational:  Ohhhh, that's good stuff.

Dave the Falconer:  Almost as good as the game that will be played this Sunday! Speaking of which...How does Robert Meachem keep scoring? It seems as though Marques Colston is the target on a lot of tough passes, but Meachem finds his way into the end zone frequently. How do we stop him?

Saintsational:  You can't stop him. You can only hope to contain him. I love Robert Meachem.

Dave the Falconer:  If you love him so much, why don't you marry him? Aside from the fact that it's not legal in Louisiana?

Saintsational:  I would. Dave, if loving Robert Meachem is wrong, I don't want to be right.

Dave the Falconer:  This took an unexpected turn.

Saintsational:  Seriously, everybody has a man-thing for Drew but I think Robert Meachem is winning some admirers.Seriously, though, it's like Payton said a couple of weeks ago...he just has a knack for making things happen and Payton has resigned himself to incorporating Meachem more. If he's available in your fantasy league, pick him up. And with Colston in the mix as well, it's tough for teams to cover. Not only that, there's Devery Henderson and Jeremy Shockey to account for. Meachem has been the beneficiary of all that depth lately. 

Dave the Falconer:   He's been stealing touchdowns from Colston for me. So I think they should call him Robber Filchem. That's just me, though.

Saintsational: My favorite nickname for him is Pontchartrain Meach. That's a reference to old school New Orleans.

Dave the Falconer:   Whoa...Whoa.

Saintsational: I was going to ask you do you expect the Falcons to be able to beat the Saints without Ryan and Turner?

Dave the Falconer:  Simple. Run the ball frequently. Wear down your defense. And count on Redman to deliver short passes that carve up your secondary. Either that or bar the door out of the locker room.

Saintsational:  We're talking about Chris Redman?

Dave the Falconer:  Yup.

Dave the Falconer:  Or as I like to call him...Cristobal Rojohombre.

Saintsational:  Ha. That's funny 'cause it's a different language.

Dave the Falconer: I knew you'd get it.

Saintsational:  Over on The Falcoholic you've got this game listed as a "Season Definer" and list it as "Serious Business." Are you still hopeful for a playoff berth?

Dave the Falconer:  I'm hopeful. But I don't think it's particularly realistic at this point. A winning season is still within our grasp, however.

Dave the Falconer:  What do you think of the possibility of an undefeated season? Should the Saints go for it? And I just died a little inside typing that.

Saintsational:  Yes, I think they should go for it. And they will go for it. Payton has said so and Brees has said so. They are going for it and I couldn't be happier. It's getting really exciting. Now that it's so close and a real possibility, I really want them to get it. That's why last weeks game was such a heartpounder. Every game they win makes that first eventual loss that much worse.

Dave the Falconer:   It should be a good game, then. We played you guys reasonably tough earlier in the season.

Saintsational:  Yeah, I'm definitely concerned. Mainly because of the Saints defense.

Dave the Falconer:  Why, does your defense have more problems than a mathematician's diary? More "Ohnos" than Yoko's family?

Saintsational: Last week against the Redskins they looked like last years defense.. I'm affraid it's getting slightly overlooked because of all the success of the team but with starting cornerbacks Jabari Greer and Tracy Porter out for a little bit, their absence is becoming evident. I'm hoping Greer returns this week. But they won't get very far looking like they did last week. That's why I am glad Redman is getting the start.

Dave the Falconer:  Oh yeah? Well.... >:-(

Saintsational:  With all of the Falcons injuries, has any player stepped up and surprised fans? Any insider fantasy tips?

Dave the Falconer:   Gonzo's always a good choice. And so is Roddy White. Beyond that, there aren't any surprises that are worthwhile from a fantasy perspective. We all love Eric "Special" Weems. He's a great kick returner.

Saintsational:  No players that have stepped up and surprised?

Dave the Falconer:  Not in recent weeks. Did you see the Eagles game?

Dave the Falconer:  Yeesh.

Saintsational:  Yeah, that's true. Sorry, you're still sensitive.

Dave the Falconer:  I'm a Falcons fan. I was born sensitive.

Saintsational: Tell Saints fans something surprising/interesting about the Falcons that we probably don't know.

Dave the Falconer:  Our points for and points against averages are both 23.3, and we're 6-6. So if nothing else, we're remarkably consistent.

Dave the Falconer:  Same question, but for the Saints.

Saintsational:  Sean Payton and Drew Brees are members of the same fraternity.

Saintsational:  I guess we'll end it as we usually do...with a prediction. This will not count toward your three predictions in our weekly prediction contest this friday.

Dave the Falconer:  Gosh darnit.  I predict (foolishly) a 27-24 Falcons win. Based on nothing but gumption. You?

Saintsational: I think it will be close but the Saints will be on top. Let's go with 35-32 Saints.