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Opponent Series History Week 9: ATL vs WAS

Gang, I'll be honest. It ain't pretty. To demonstrate how utterly ugly our series history is against the Redskins, here's a chart:


The X axis is the game number, the Y axis is the score differential. A negative score differential (see below 0 on X axis) indicates a loss. Yeah, it's that bad. Out of twenty-one games, we've won only five. The 'Skins have won fifteen. In '67 (game 2 on the chart), we somehow managed to tie with them, so at least that game's not hanging out in our L column...

The Facts:

  • Current Series Record: 5-15-1
  • Score-to-Score Totals: Redskins have scored 543 points to our lowly 379 for a difference of 164 or 23 touchdowns, give or take.
  • Old enemies: We've played the 'Skins since our inaugural year, and played them in stretches of years. Recent games have been hard to come by. We've only played them twice this waning decade (03, 06).
  • Stompin' em: I wish I could say the Falcons had any stomping games, but alas, they haven't. The Falcons' average win margin is a measly five points and haven't yet managed to win a game by more then ten points. The ten point victory, for those keeping up, came in our last meeting (2006).
  • Everyone scored: No shutouts exist in this series. I guess that's something positive to take away from this...
  • Running Away with It: 38% of these games have been won by a score of ten or more. That's 8 games. The Falcons only have one game to claim in that bunch.
  • Like Fish in a Barrel: The Redskins have beaten us by more than thirty points twice in the series. The margins, as the chart shows, were closer to forty...
  • Keeping it Close: 13 (68%) of these games came down to three points or less.