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Saturday News And Notes: Tackling The Washington Redskins

There's a danger with a game like this.

The Washington Redskins have been no one's idea of a great or even good team this season. Their fans are dealing with tragic missteps at every level of the organization with the impassiveness of true stoics, but it's clear that this is a team that's a mess. In a lot of ways, they may seem like the perfect opponent for the Falcons, who are reeling a bit after two tough losses against quality teams the last couple of weeks. Though I wouldn't dare suggest that Mike Smith & Co. would bring an unprepared team against Washington, it's still a very real danger that this team, coming off a bye week and with a lot to prove, could come out of the gate strong against the Falcons.

It's often said that good teams win the games they're supposed to, and a punishing effort this weekend would put us at 5-3 and firmly in that warm and cozy bracket. This is a game we definitely should win, but desperate teams can do interesting things. Hopefully the Falcons swing the hammer early on Sunday.

How about some links, gang?

  • Despite being banged up, both Sam Baker and Roddy White are expected to play this weekend. With all the negative injury news we've gotten over the last couple of weeks, this is like a fresh breath of air carrying a $100 bill your way.
  • To absolutely no one's surprise, Jerious Norwood isn't playing. If he's listed as questionable again this week, I'm going to laugh out loud. Jason Snelling is still a bit of a question mark.
  • Oh, heavens to Betsy, Harvey Dahl and Tyson Clabo are physical players! I hope Albert Haynesworth doesn't get the vapors from their rudeness. That would be horrid!

    Seriously, though, it's just before the game trash talk. Nobody likes the way Big Mean and Clabo play the game of football, but it sure as hell works. Haynesworth will be a guy to watch this weekend, because he's still a force to be reckoned with.
  • Here's kind of an unofficial keys to the game list for the Redskins, courtesy of Hogs Haven. The likeliest might be that Fred Davis, who is taking over for injured tight end Chris Cooley, will blow up. The Falcons will have to keep an eye on him.
  • This Matt Ryan thing is getting out of hand. He's been far from perfect this season and I'd like to see him make better throws, but I'm not exactly worried about his future in the league because of a middling half-season. It's really too bad that we've all gotten into the habit of expecting instant results and changing our minds on the fly (myself included), because we all end up yo-yoing on some of these guys.