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Remaining Opponent Records Week 9

Since Sunday marks the halfway point for our season, I decided to take a gander at the current records of our remaining opponents. What did I gleam? We're (currently) facing only three opponents with winning records: NYG, PHI, and NO. The Jets are on the bubble at 4 and 4. Since they're on their BYE this weekend, don't expect any movement from them. Here's how the schedule trends:


As it stands, our next marquee game (if current trends continue) will be the game against the Giants. I'm not discounting our soon-to-come NFC bout with the Panthers on their own turf, but the Giants are likely the next team we face with a winning record.

Take note of the stretch of games after the first Bucs game. We face the Eagles, the Saints, and the Jets, all who (if they continue to win) will have winning records when we face them. That's a pretty brutal stretch, but keep in mind that two of those three games are in Atlanta.

Here's a breakdown of it all, for those of you that like numbers.

Redskins 2 5 0.286 Falcons
Panthers 3 4 0.429 Saints
Giants 5 3 0.625 Chargers
Bucs 0 7 0.000 Packers
Eagles 5 2 0.714 Cowboys
Saints 7 0 1.000 Panthers
Jets 4 4 0.500 BYE
Bills 3 5 0.375 BYE
Bucs 0 7 0.000 Packers

Combined Remaining Opponent Record: 29-37 (0.439)

Games against winning teams: 3

Games against losing teams: 6