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Falcons Place S Jamaal Fudge On I.R., Sign S Charlie Peprah

Some years even your depth can't escape the dreaded injury bug.

That's right, folks, that cursed little bastard has dug his plague-encrusted fangs into Jamaal Fudge, knocking everybody's favorite backup safety out for the rest of the season. This is especially unusual because the team never disclosed what happened to Fudge, who had mostly played his time out on special teams in 2009. We wish him well.

His replacement is kind of an intriguing guy, or at least he would be if he wasn't doomed to spend the rest of the season warming the bench. Charlie Peprah was an effective special teamer for the Green Bay Packers, jarring two fumbles loose in 2007 and generating 37 total tackles during his three years there, and he could be a valuable piece of our kickoff return coverage team. If nothing else, his name will be fun to say for the rest of the season. Peprah peprah peprah.

In the big scheme of things, this is a blip on the back of an atom zipping its way through the universe, but it does illustrate just how heavily we've been hit by injuries this season. Let's hope Fudge is the end of it.