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A Look Ahead: Electric Boogaloo

Well gang, the new layout has seemingly eaten my Observations post. The transition happened around the time I was doing the post and it's disappeared, lost forever in that great todash space between our servers and your minds. If any of you get that reference, five points to Falcondor. Here are my observations in a quick nutshell:

  • "Grimes. Air Grimes."
  • Heart, thy name is Falcons Defense.
  • Matty Ice gets rattled, Falcons lose game. Bad formula.
  • Coy Wire: determination, passion, hunger defined. On the fringe? Never again.
  • Rematch is guaranteed. Outcome is not. Dwell on that, NOLA.
  • The Falcons are on a precipice. This is the turning point of the season. If Falcons come out determined, angry, vengeful, and spittin, cussin' mad, we've got a wonderful half season ahead of us. If they come out dejected, tired, and mediocre, we're in for a long, long winter of discontent.


Washington Redskins 
Where: Georgia Dome
When: Sunday November 8th, 2009 @ 1:00pm
Network: FOX
Why: We need at least one guaranteed win this year!

Importance: Serious Business. Why? We just lost two in a row for the first time since Smith and Co. took over. Do not, I repeat, do not expect it to happen again any time soon.

Notes: The Redskins D is perceived to be semi-fantastic. So was San Francisco's. Falcons are angry, determined. Redskins are a half-season away from an overhaul. Do the math. It ain't pretty.

The Falcons win if: they perform at least on a third of the level they did Monday night.

The Redskins win if: Falcons are tired after a short week. Trap game? Nah.

Prediction: Falcons demolish them, start very long winning streak.


Carolina Panthers Part Deux
Where: Bank of America Stadium
When: Sunday November 15th, 2009 @ 1:00pm
Network: FOX
Why: Divisional Game

Importance: Serious Business, so we can keep them at the near-bottom of the NFC South pile

Notes: Carolina may actually be gelling by this time. still...

The Falcons Win If: They continue to show the maturity and poise and outright bombasticness they showed Monday night.

The Panthers Win If: The Falcons lay another Road-Game Egg (tm).

Prediction: Falcons win. 


New York Giants
Where: Giants Stadium
When: Sunday November 22nd, 2009 @ 1:00pm
Network: FOX
Why: To be the best, you have to beat the best. 

Importance: Pay Attention. A loss here won't exactly doom anything for us, especially our winning season. But a win here would be the second prominent road win after three prominent road losses. Let's bring that road record to 2-3, shall we?

Notes: Where'd the Giants' D go? If it doesn't return to form by this game, even with us as visitors, they're in for a long afternoon.

Prediction: The Falcons win. Yes, I'm flip-flopping because their D has shown me nothing to say we can't win it.


Tampa Bay Buccaneers 
Where: Georgia Dome
When: Sunday November 29th, 2009 @ 1:00pm
Network: FOX
Why: Divisional Game

Importance: Serious Business. Tampa sucks. If they have a win by now, it'll be by sheer luck alone.

Notes: What more can I say? I truly believe they will be winless at this point and they will certainly not be getting one in the Georgia Dome.

Prediction: Falcons stomp 'em.


Philadelphia Eagles
Where: Georgia Dome
When: Sunday December 6th, 2009 @ 1:00pm
Network: FOX
Why: Because Eagles and Falcons are natural enemies.

Importance: Serious Business. Let's avenge 2004's playoff loss.

Notes: Eagles have looked up and down all season. With them on our turf for a change, I do not expect them to be able to roll all over us.

Prediction: Falcons finally get their revenge.


New Orleans Saints 2: The Season Definer
Where: Georgia Dome
When: Sunday December 13th, 2009 @ 1:00pm
Network: FOX
Why: Divisional Game

Importance: Serious Business. No more joking around. The Saints should have the division title. A win here does, however, almost guarantee a wild-card berth. Prepare for another toughly contested game.

Notes: Our Home Crowd better darn well show. I'll be there, screaming my eyeballs out. If we can almost beat the Saints in their own house, I have no doubt we can beat them in ours. Revenge is best served cold, but with the way Turner was scorching their D, I'd say give it to 'em piping hot.

Prediction: Falcons win a very close one. Yup, changing this one too. That's the beauty of week-to-week articles like this.


New York Jets 
Where: Giants Stadium
When: Sunday December 20th, 2009 @ 1:00pm
Network: FOX
Why: Because New Yorkers couldn’t get enough of us the first go round against the Giants.

Importance: Pay Attention

Notes: I still call this one a tough one, even if "Sanchize" isn't working out so well. Their D is monstrous and managed to reign in an admittedly battered Brady. Regardless, this one will be the only loss in an avalanche of W's.

Prediction: Falcons lose.


Buffalo Bills
Where: Georgia Dome
When: Sunday December 27th, 2009 @ 1:00pm
Network: CBS
Why: The Bills aren't looking too good. Uh oh...

Importance: Pay Attention. Our hopes of a wild-card record will be likely hanging in the balance after a loss to the Jets.

Notes: If we can corral TO and get pressure, we should have this one in the bag.

Prediction: Falcons win by a touchdown or more


Tampa Bay Buccaneers With a Vengeance
Where: Raymond James Stadium
When: Sunday January 3rd, 2009 @ 1:00pm
Network: FOX
Why: Divisional Game

Importance: Absolultely a Meh.

Notes: Tampa Bay may likely be looking for any win at this point in the season. Missing Gruden yet?

Prediction: Falcons win, even with third stringers. Yes, I said it.

Current season record: 4-3 (Wins against Miami, Carolina, San Francisco, Chicago; losses against NE, DAL, NO)

Current season prediction: 12-4 (Wins: MIA, CAR, SF, CHI, WAS, CAR, NYG, TB, PHI, NO, BUF, TB; Loss: NE, DAL, NO, NYJ)

tlozwarlock's Current Prediction record: 6-1