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Post-Game Thread: Falcons Lose Heartbreaker To Saints, 35-27

I really wanted to win this game, but if we were going to lose, at least we did it with a ton of dignity.

Coming in as heavy underdogs, the Falcons stepped up in a big way and almost delivered a win time and time again. This proved that we aren't one of the league's elite teams, for those who didn't know that already. It also proved that we are a damn good, damn tough team who can hang with anybody in the league, and that has a lot of value as well. It's just going to take a little bit to get past the fact that we really did have it in our grasp. Bah.

Either way, we're sitting at 4-3, with the divisional race pretty much gone and the wild card race heating up. There are a lot of crucial games coming up, so cross your fingers and let's continue this journey together. Use this thread to discuss anything you feel like.

Usually I'd do some bullet-point thoughts here, but I'm a little drained tonight. Check back in the morning for the recap.