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Atlanta Falcons vs. Tampa Bay Bucs Open Thread

Hopefully we're staring at the right end of six wins by the end of this game.

For an informal set of scouting reports on the game, visit this thread at Canal Street Chronicles. Everyone's a little puzzled that I'd want to know anything at all about the Bucs, which I guess is a testament to how poorly their year's gone to date. I refuse to take anything for granted at this point in the season, though. It also appears, according to Steve Wyche, that Michael Turner is going to play against the Bucs. I'm...not sure I like that move, but we'll see.

If all goes well, I'll be joining for you the game this afternoon. See you brave souls right here, wot?

Who? Atlanta Falcons vs. Tampa Bay Bucs, 1 p.m. EST

Where? Georgia Dome, Atlanta, Georgia

Weather? Did you know that tiny droplets of rain cannot pierce a metal roof? Really! It's true!

Fun Fact? The Falcons just canned Verron Haynes and have brought Troy Bergeron back to the active roster. With struggles and injuries a way of life in the receiving corps these days, he's more than welcome to join the mix.

Injuries? Again, though Turner's questionable, he's apparently likely to play. Brian Finneran is out, Curtis Lofton and Sam Baker are both questionable but likely to play, and Marty Booker is listed as questionable for some non-injury related reason. If he doesn't go, Eric Weems will be our third receiver.

The Bucs just have a bunch of probables, so screw those guys.

Odds? Atlanta over Tampa Bay, 12.0, O/U 46.0

Foe? Our fine friends at Buc 'Em will be following along. Be sure to visit.

GO FALCONS! Let's plunder these Bucs!