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Post-Game Thread: Falcons fall short of stunning Giants in OT, 34-31

So we’re now officially no longer "winning" our season at a dismal 5-5, .500 mark. With Tynes’ field goal in overtime, the Birds’ stunning fourteen point comeback was halted. We have now lost two games in a row for the second time this season. Last year, we accomplished that horrid feat not once. I’m not exactly sure where this loss puts us in the desperate hunt for a playoff berth, but I know it certainly didn’t help. One thing’s for sure, with a 1-5 road game record, the Falcons won’t be winning any tie-breakers.

  • There was and will continue to be many of you calling for Jason Elam’s head on a platter. In this case, he missed one field goal that would have had the Birds up by three at the end of regulation. For what seems to be the second week in a row, Elam’s shanked attempt throbs the worst amidst the pain of defeat.
  • I have to say that, given the opportunity, I would have gone for two after that last touchdown. Sure, we may have lost by one if we hadn’t gone for it, but we would have walked away a winner had it succeeded. A missed conversion would have at least taken fate (a coin toss) out of the mix.
  • Our offense was, much as it has been, up and down. Case in point: Jenkins was clutch on the final drive to the game-tying touchdown, but missed an easy touchdown in the third quarter that would have gotten the game much closer, much sooner.
  • We are in desperate need of Norwood and Turner. Our offense had very little balance in the first half.
  • A credit to our defense's performance in the first quarter. A debit to them for the rest of the game, save that last three and out to force OT.
  • Take some solace in the fact that our team, as depleted by injury that it is, made a game out of it. We didn't lose ugly.

Expect Dave to ruminate and weigh in on things with his game recap tomorrow morning. For now, I'm going to go make myself some waffles.