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Saturday News And Notes: Tackling The New York Giants

Biggest game of the year? Biggest game of the year.

It's gotten to this point thanks to our up and down season, but a loss to the Giants here would deal a blow to our bid for a winning season and would make it an uphill battle for a playoff spot. A win here, which would leave us at 6-4, would keep us in the thick of the wildcard race and would leave us with only three wins for that elusive 9-7 season and such impressive opponents as the Tampa Bay Bucs and Buffalo Bills still on the slate. A lot hinges on this game.

With that in mind, let's take a crack at a few storylines leading up to the game and, just maybe, a couple that have nothing to do with anything.

  • Aaron Ross is coming back. After missing the entire season to this point with an injury, the Giants will get back one of their better cornerbacks just in time to play us. It doesn't sound like he's going to be at full capacity or anything, but adding another obstacle for a shaky Matt Ryan to overcome isn't something I welcome.
  • Linebacker Antonio Pierce, however, is out for the rest of the season. Ain't that just like the NFL?
  • I don't know about road confidence, but a better performance on the road in the Meadowlands would be huge. Teams that can't win on the road don't got to the playoffs, generally speaking.
  • Michael Turner's doubtful. As in, no chance in hell he's playing. As in, something all of us knew before the end of the Panthers game. Coaches have gotten really secretive about their injuries, haven't they? Brian Finneran isn't getting quite the same treatment, as he's definitely out. Might be a good chance for us to re-discover Marty Booker and Eric Weems.
  • The Falcons and Giants both kind of did this to themselves, what with the headfirst dives into empty concrete pools. How they got there, though, iis a little similar.
  • At least Tom Coughlin has a sense of humor.