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A Look At The Falcons Red Zone Performance: Week 10

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We're back with this week's edition of Why-Does-This-Team-Not-Win-When-They-Do-So-Awesome-In-The-Red-Zone. This previous week, against the Panthers, we managed to convert four of five chances, though two were for field goals, and then Jason Elam whiffed on another kick. That's still nothing to sneeze at, and it continues the Falcons' preposterously good streak inside the 20. That should mean success for us, but lately it hasn't.

Why, you ask? Because on our other drives we do absolutely nothing. Against the Panthers, Ryan threw two costly, drive-killing interceptions. On another, we got to the Carolina 39, just out side of reasonable field goal range, and promptly threw two short passes (both incomplete and to Tony Gonzalez) and Jason Snelling mustered a two yard run. Boom! Punt. On yet another, the Falcons actually went for it with three straight deep passes right before the half, only to see all of them fall incomplete.

In essence, we're an inconsistent team, something that was expected of us on defense but certainly not with this weapons-grade offense. Matt Ryan's slow decline over the last few games has had a lot to do with it, but certainly the loss of Harry Douglas seems to be hurting more than ever before. In the red zone, we have big targets with good hands who can make things happen by out-muscling everyone else. When the field's a little more open, no such luck.