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Saturday News And Notes: Pouncing On The Carolina Panthers

Rematches are always fun.

After we put a whuppin' on the Panthers earlier this season, you can bet they're going to want to return the favor in this one. With talented linebacker Thomas Davis gone for the year and noted Atlanta Falcon enemy DeAngelo Williams questionable, however, there are some holes we can exploit. The trick will be to slow down whichever of Carolina's approximately 25,000 running backs suits up and plays, while avoiding letting a declining Jake Delhomme pass all over us. On offense, it's just a simple matter of making use of a conservative passing attack against one of the league's finest secondaries and letting Michael Turner run for eight bojillion yards. No biggie, right?

Let's take a look at a few stories leading up to Sunday's game, shall we?

  • A whole mess of questionables again. Everyone seems to expect Roddy White to play, but he's been limited in practice all week. Ditto Jason Snelling and Thomas Johnson. Also, is there any way we could stop putting Jerious Norwood on the injury report as a questionable when it's absolutely crystal clear that he's not going to play? Kthxbye.
  • For all the ups and downs, hand-wringing and general panic at times here, we're still sitting at 5-3 at midseason, the same record as 2008. Take a look-see at where we are so far through a fresh set of eyes.
  • Thomas Davis really was an anchor for the Panthers, and though Landon Johnson is a capable replacement, we've got to take advantage of his absence on Sunday. Methinks we will.
  • I sure do stink at fantasy football.
  • Let's wrap this up with a Panthers mention, again. Frankly, I think that while Delhomme clearly deserves some of the blame for the way the passing game has suffered this season, they need better wide receivers. Steve Smith is the only guy over there that strikes any kind of fear into my cold, black heart.