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Current Strength of Schedule vs Projected Strength of Schedule

Before I start this post, just thought I'd rep some awesome fans over at the FalconsLife message boards. In advance of a possible fine on our beloved Coach Smith, some intrepid fans have gathered a movement to raise $2300 dollars. Even if the fine does not come down, the fans will be donating the money to Mike Smith's charity of choice. Click this link to go to user flip7's post with further information. In one day, the gang there has managed to raise over $1100. Fine or not, it's great to see the fanbase so united for a good cause (charity AND support of Smitty).

Now, onto business. First, let's check out our updated strength of schedule based on our remaining opponents' current records.


Notice that, really, it hasn't changed all that much. Yeah, it's gotten squeezed a little bit by the Bucs' win last weekend, but all in all, we're still facing three winning teams and five losing teams. But I didn't finish my research there. Follow the jump to see what tomfoolery I've been up to.

Now, let's add a slight wrinkle to all this. I sat down and gazed at our opponents' schedules leading up to their game against us. That means that the Panthers and Giants didn't get looked at (Panthers are this Sunday, so their 3-5 record stands; Giants are on their BYE. Lucky us). Seeing these schedules, I did what any sane, rational person would do and projected our opponents' records to the point that they play us. Here's the rundown of what I came up with:

Panthers 3 5
Giants 5 4
Bucs 1 9
Eagles 7 4
Saints 11 1
Jets 8 5
Bills 6 8
Bucs 1 14

With my predicted records, we gain a winning team to our slate of remaining games and our graph gets a somewhat-significant squeeze. It still resembles a messy rollercoaster, though.


You gotta love that steep drop off in competition after the second Saints game. That second-consecutive winning season ain't looking so far away anymore, now is it?