Coach Smith Fine/Charity Collections Information

The community over at the Official Atlanta Falcons Message Board have put together a sort of charity collection in honor of the Mike Smith incident that took place during the Falcons/Redskins game.

It is likely that Smith will receive a fine for what happened(As Adam Schefter Tweeted.) In the same fashion that Smith has his players backs, we, the fans would like to show that we have our coach's back.

While we are aware we may not gather the full amount to pay off his fine, A goal of $2300 has been set. At the time of this posting, the total amount collected is $800 within the span of a matter of hours. The money gathered will be donated to the charity of Mike Smith's choosing.

Please, take a look over at the message boards: for more information about the whole ordeal.

If the link doesn't work, check out the pinned topic within this forum:

Show your support, Falcons Fans!

EDIT: We broke the $1,000 benchmark at 6:00PM!!

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