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Will The Cornerback Depth Chart Change Before The 49ers Game?

The secondary has been a roller coaster thus far this season. Thankfully for the sake of our collective sanity, there've been more ups than we might have expected from pre-season action, when our cornerbacking corps looked like one of the NFL's weakest, but there's still many chances to improve.

The biggest change the Falcons could make right now would be to insert Tye Hill into the lineup. Chevis Jackson and Chris Owens have gotten middling playing time, but it's apparent that neither of them are beating out Brian Williams, Chris Houston or Brent Grimes in the near future. Unless the guys we have in the lineup make major strides forward—and to be fair, Grimes and Houston have made some nice plays while Williams has been pretty solid all the way around—we only have one immediate option to try to upgrade. That option is named Tye Hill.

I'm speculating here, but I also want to advocate for Hill getting some PT versus the 49ers this weekend. He's had weeks to catch up now, we traded for him with the obvious intent of getting something out of him, and the 49ers are not a dynamic passing offense to begin with. If we're going to throw him into the fire at some point, this would seem to be the best time for it.

It's impossible at this point to determine what Mike Smith and Brian VanGorder think of Hill, since he's only hit the practice field so far and Smith has repeatedly said he wants to assess his value to the Falcons.In my mind, that's best done by not burying him on the depth chart four weeks into the season. He's arguably the most physically gifted corner on the roster besides Grimes, and we could use a few more big play with the pass rush looking about as stagnant as last season. I may not be happy with the end result, but I would be happy to see him take the field on Sunday.

What are your thoughts on Tye Hill and the cornerbacking corps?