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Opponent Series History Week 5: ATL vs SF



We haven't faced those no good, gold-diggin', Montana worshippin', Steve Young-villifyin', in-the-far-past-livin', bohemian cultured, technology idolatrizin', ricaroni eatin', Grateful Dead listenin', Golden Gate walkin', Alcatraz visitin', Candlestick makin' prospectors in two years. Before the Division restructuring in 2002, we faced these gold panners twice a year, amassing a total of 73 contests played. The only teams we've faced more than the Niners? Those heinous Rams (75) and those dastardly Saints (a bajillion). You could call this a long standing feud that's gone from epic war to breakable peace treaty. We've only faced SanFran two times in the past five years.

The Facts:

  • Current Series Record against SF: 28-44-1 (73 total)
  • Score-to-Score Totals: SF has scored a total of 1764 points against Atlanta's 1236 points for a difference of 528 points or 75 TDs (or so).
  • There From the Start: Beginning in our inaugural year (1966), we faced the 49ers twice yearly. 
  • Can't Get that W: The Niners had our number the first five times we played them. We didn't win against them until 1969.
  • Under the Rug: The longest back-to-back win streak belongs to SanFran. From 84 to 88, the Falcons didn't win a single game. There's a 10-10 tie in that stretch, but as the great Bear Bryant once said, a tie is like kissing your sister. (7 losses and one tie).
  • Running Away with It: Largest point differential belongs to San Francisco on November 1989, the forty-fifth meeting between the teams. The Niners scored 45 points to our measly 3.
  • Piling it On: Over half (55%) of the games in this series have been decided by a margin of 10 points or more.
  • Like Fish in a Barrel: The 49ers have scored more than 40 points on 9 different occasions in this series. The Falcons have done this 0 times.
  • Keeping it Close: Twenty-six of these contests have been decided by less than a touchdown.
  • Nail Biters: Six of these contests ended up with a victory margin of 2 or less.
  • Shut Out: The Niners have kept the Falcons scoreless four times. The Falcons have kept the 49ers scoreless once.
  • Where's the D? Or the O for that matter: The 49ers have only scored less than double digits six times in the series. Atlanta, on the other hand, has been kept under double digit point totals 19 times.