Official Falcons-49ers Trash Talkin' Thread

Generally, you guys are the most respectful group of fans on the Interwebs. The mere sight of a curse words causes many of you to fan yourselves and swoon. Given that, some of you are going to want to avoid this thread.

Fooch over at Niners Nation and I were discussing things we could do outside of the use delicious batch of questions which travel back and forth, and I mentioned that I've long wanted to do a trash talk thread. Fooch embraced the idea, and so that's what this is: A chance to mouth off, talk some smack and just generally piss all over the red n' gold. Your goal should be to abandon reason and just brag, all while thinking up clever (even if it's just in your mind) nicknames for everything in sight.

If you're looking for well-reasoned, rational discussion about the upcoming matchup, you should visit the upper class question threads located here and there.

And if you want to see the best the 49ers fans can come up with--which ain't much--head over to their trash talk thread at Niners Nation. Remember, while you have more or less free reign in this thread, don't be a total jerk. You're not San Fransisco fans, after all.

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