49ers-Falcons: An open Q&A with Niners Nation

Hey folks, it's Fooch from Niners Nation. After years of struggles, it seems like the 49ers might be slowly turning the corner back to respectability. Naturally that has me rather excited about what is looking like a pretty big showdown with your Atlanta Falcons.

So, I'm here to answer any and all questions you might have about my beloved 49ers. To get a general idea of things, the defense is coming off an impressive whuppin of the St. Louis Rams. The defense features the likes of Patrick Willis, Justin Smith and Nate Clements, among many others. The offense has struggled a lot this season behind some conservative play-calling, but has made enough plays to keep 49ers fans hopefully.

I'm hoping for a great game this week and want to make sure I can provide you with any information you need. I also will post a link here over at Niners Nation to get other people over here answering your questions as well.

In the meantime, please Rec this if you get a chance so we can keep it up near the top all week long.

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