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Week 4 Open Thread: Atlanta Falcons vs. The Bye Week

Lost in a realm beyond our understanding, the Atlanta Falcons spin slowly through outer space during their week playing the fearsome Byes. While other teams grapple with mortal opponents, our guys are fighting the battle of their lives against a foe who has never been defeated. This is a landscape-altering game....or I'm on drugs. One or the other.

Since we don't have a Falcons game to discuss this weekend, use this thread to talk anything going on in your lives, anything related to the Falcons during this lame week of no good football or track the progress of our division rivals. I'm particularly interested to see how the New Orleans Saints will fare against a tough New York Jets defense, and I hope you'll talk about that.

I'll be working through the slate of 1 p.m. games (boo!), but I'll try to join y'all later. Take care out there.