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A Look At The Falcons Red Zone Performance, Week 7

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Surely this is the week that our beloved Falcons and their insane streak of awesome in the red zone comes to an end, right? No, no it's not. And don't call me Shirley.

The Falcons only made it into the red zone twice against the Cowboys, but once again they scored both times. One was a short Matt Ryan pass to Roddy White on a third down, while the other was a short Michael Turner run on first down. That bumps our conversion rate up even further, hovering right around 95%. It's truly astonishing how well this team does in short yardage, and I'm amazed week after week by their consistency there.

Not to beat a dead horse with a stone that I'm squeezing but there's no blood coming out, but this really highlights why the Falcons need to do better in between the 20's. It also makes me wonder—because I am not an answer machine, somehow—why we can't march down the field with the same ease with which we can score at that range. Perhaps if we treated the entire field as ten to twenty yard blocks? Who knows.

Your thoughts?