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Talking Saints With Canal Street Chronicles, Part Two

This is the second half of a discussion with Saintsational, el jefe bloggerio over at Canal Street Chronicles. This discussion is much lighter on the Chinese food, but heavy on predictions that will probably not even be close to reality.

Read along after the jump!

Saintsational:  Alright, back to football. What are the feelings of the average Falcon fan regarding Michael Vick now? Happy for him? Still wish he was in Atlanta?

Dave the Falconer:  I think the average fan is slowly forgetting him. Which is as it should be. He's in Philadelphia now, doing what he do.

Saintsational:  Blessing in disguise for the franchise?

Dave the Falconer:  In many ways, yes. It changed the course of the franchise.

Dave the Falconer: It was like reaching for the last beef teriyaki. And finding a gold coin.

Saintsational: : Nice callback.

Dave the Falconer:  Haha. Thanks. I think I just want chinese food.

Saintsational:  Apparently.

Dave the Falconer:  But yeah. I'm happy with the team as it is. Same for you and Aaron Brooks?

Saintsational:  Ugh. I hated Aaron Brooks. Thankfully, he didn't need to commit a crime for the Saints to get rid of him. Drew Brees could probably be the single greatest thing to ever happen to the New Orleans Saints ever.

Dave the Falconer:  Well, I disagree. He committed some interception-based crimes.

Saintsational:  Ha, yeah. And fumble-based.

Dave the Falconer:  There were those as well.

Dave the Falconer: But somehow, I liked the Saints better back then. Wonder why.

Saintsational:  But what about now? Do the Falcons really have a chance to be the first to take down the Saints?

Dave the Falconer:  Short answer?

Dave the Falconer: Yes.

Dave the Falconer:  Long answer?

Dave the Falconer: They have a chance because they're about as familiar with the Saints as any team in the league, and because they're built offensively to hang with them. But it's going to be exceedingly tough..

Dave the Falconer:  Are you at all afraid of the Falcons winning?

Saintsational:  Yes. I'm slightly afraid.

Saintsational:  Just because division games are always interesting.

Saintsational:  Now wait a minute. Back to your statement. Are they built offensively to hang with this years defense? Or are you referring to last years defense? Cause this is a different ballgame now.

Dave the Falconer:  Such hubris!

Dave the Falconer: Your defense looks markedly better, but we're not usually slouches offensively. I think we'll give you a good game.

Saintsational:  6-0 has made me a little cocky.

Dave the Falconer:  Let me tell you a little story. Two years ago, my fantasy team went 6-0. I thought I was unstoppable. I ended the season 8-6.

Dave the Falconer:  There's a lesson there.

Saintsational:  The Saints have learned that same lesson in the past, believe me. But this year just feels different. They're beating teams with efficiency. They remind me a little of the '07 Patriots.

Dave the Falconer:  Except without the teeth-grinding annoyance factor.

Saintsational:  Thank you. I will say this though: They haven't played any division games yet. And those are the key. If they really are a good team, they will need to take care of business when it really counts. That's probably the only question remaining for the Saints and we're about to get our answer on Monday night.

Dave the Falconer: Number of times the announcers say "Drew Brees is like a big kid out there?

Saintsational: If they're saying that then it means the Saints are probably winning.

Dave the Falconer:  True.

Saintsational: Got a prediction?

Dave the Falconer:  I'll go with the answer I gave earlier. 35-24 Saints.

Saintsational:  Wow! Predicting your team to lose. Interesting.

Saintsational:  Smart man.

Dave the Falconer:  Haha. Reverse jinx.

Saintsational:  I am obviously going to pick the Saints to win and I think the score will be 42-24.

Dave the Falconer:  Oh ho ho!

Dave the Falconer:  18 points? Wow.

Saintsational:  You're right.. What was I thinking?

Saintsational:  45-24.

Dave the Falconer: Haha. You'll get what's coming to you, Captain of the Titanic.

Saintsational:  Thanks for chatting with me, Dave.

Dave the Falconer: Always a pleasure.   

Thanks again to Saintsational for the talk. Hope you all enjoyed it.