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Falcons To Sign RB Aaron Stecker, Mull Bigger Role For Jason Snelling

UPDATE: Per Tom Curran's Twitter account, William Moore is out for the year. Tip of the Falcoholic cap to maddosc for delivering this terrible, horrible, no good news.


Recognizing the issues rampant in their running back depth chart, the Falcons busted a move.

Aaron Stecker is very familiar with the Saints, which no doubt was a driving force behind getting him signed prior to the this game. He's also a decent back with some special teams value, so he could get a little playing time right away. His biggest aid to this team will be planning for Nawlins, though, so don't expect him to ride up on a white stallion and save us from our ground games woes.

In related news, it sounds like the coaching staff is considering getting Jason Snelling more touches in the weeks ahead:

"Well, if he continues to run the ball like that, yes," [Coach Mike] Smith said. "He ran the ball very effectively.

"He's a guy who has come in and played fullback for us and the tailback position as well and Jason, every time he has gotten an opportunity, he has played very efficiently. He could warrant more touches."

I'll be interested to see if anything comes of this and how significant the bump in carries would be, but there are clearly changes afoot. Hopefully the biggest change we see against the Saints is Michael Turner blowing past 100 yards on five carries, but any improvements would make me pretty happy right about now.