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Observations from Area Code 706: ATL vs DAL

Talk about fallout. This is the most post-loss activity I've seen since joining the site. I guess you could chalk it up to how badly the game went or how poorly the team seemed to perform. Regardless, you guys have been both humble and very vocal, full of analysis. It's a magical thing.

I've had plenty of time to, in a sense, "get over" this loss, seeing as I had it marked down as a loss from day one (at least, until two weeks ago; dadgum blind confidence). But with the ever-diminishing depth in our secondary, I can't help but highlight some of the, well, lowlights of Sunday's game. But first...

  • WEEEEEEEEEMS. Give that man some downs, especially in the slot or, heck, if Mularkey's got the lab coat on, the TE position. I say this because of one key thing: Weems can move and could be a vital part of a somewhat struggling offensive corps.
  • To that effect, so could smelling what the Snelling has cooked up for us. Yes, I went there. No, this is not just a meme (fad) that Dave dreamt up while having a nice lucid dream. No, this is a strategy that could work, at least in the interim. Suffice to say, defenses, with 6 full tapes of gameplay to go by, know what we're going to do offensively. That's what Snelling and Weems should be used as: bait or change ups.
  • Our offensive play calling has been very stoic after scoring.
  • The secondary is, without a doubt, hurting after Williams' loss. And now with Moore on IR, the motley crew for a second defensive level is looking mighty lean, but no so mean. Without some major moves or an increase in maturity/skill level, I'm going to have to be humbling my expectations for the rest of the year.
  • Matt Ryan is dynamite (mostly) when he's untouched. When he's rattled and hit four times, we get two INTs and a ton of badly thrown passes, most of those coming from hurried or mis-aligned reads. Par for the course with a second year QB. Remember gang, he's just in his second year and he's this good. Think of him four years down the road, when he'll hopefully be signing a nice big extension...
  • Turner...Turner...Turner... I have no prognosis, but I can see the symptoms. He's getting hit harder by faster, better defenses. He's having trouble finding holes (if they're there) and he's coming with less power off the handoff. We'll see if it's a line thing, fundamental thing, or mental thing later on. Right now, whatever it is, I'd like it to be fixed.
  • Gonzo cannot alone carry this offense, especially when he's bracketed by one man up, one man down. Variety is the spice of life, Matt. Don't have a read on Gonzo on every single passing play.
  • Our pass rush, so dependent on Abe and Alien/Duffman, was absolutely anemic in the second half.
  • That darn sunlight cascading through the huge glass facade of that billion dollar tribute to the football gods! It made it look so peaceful on a battlefield where my warriors were getting thrashed about. Insert sad emoticon here.