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Post-Game Thread: Falcons Get Thumped By Cowboys, 37-21

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Sometimes life gives you lemons and you slip on the peels, stab yourself in the hand trying to slice them in half and spray yourself in the eyes with lemon juice, turning you into a bleeding, blinded mess of agony that yearns for the sweet solace of a non-citrus death. This would be one of those times.

It's becoming increasingly clear that these Falcons can win in any number of ways, but they only know how to lose one way thus far in 2009, and it's cringe-inducing. The Dallas Cowboys and Tony Romo made our defense look terrible for most of the game, and the offense really never got clicking to the extent it should for the Falcons. It was, in short, a bad loss.

But don't lose hope just yet. We're still 4-2, and an upset over the New Orleans Saints next week would put us within striking distance of the division again. Tough losses like this tend to skew perspective of this team, and that's not fair at this point. We still have a very good shot at a playoff spot and/or a winning season, and given that many felt we were due to backslide this season, that's fine with me. It's just going to take a while to wash this one out.

A few things to consider:

  • I am in no way endorsing a line of thought that says Jason Snelling is better than Michael Turner, but....Turner didn't even manage 3 yards a carry against the Cowboys. He still had 18 carries. Meanwhile, Snelling cranked out 68 yards (18 more than Turner, ironically enough) on only seven carries. Just a thought.
  • Our passing game went back and forth between anemic and quality all day, but those picks on long passes really sealed our fate. I'm not saying those weren't the right calls—given what was happening in the game at the time, I wholeheartedly endorse airing it out—just saying that they were backbreakers. We should have a little more luck against the Saints secondary next week.
  • Speaking of secondaries, argh. That pretty much sums it up for the Falcons.
  • Eric Weems actually got some action and impressed on a wide-open 30 yard touchdown catch. I still think the kid has a bright future.
  • Blargh.