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Sprint's NFL Mobile Live And The Falcoholic Team Up

Today, we add a one-time sponsored post to the trophy case. In case you couldn't guess, this little writeup is sponsored by Sprint, and their ridiculously awesome Palm Pre phone.

As you've no doubt noticed by now, I've been putting together a weekly post about the team's red zone performance. Those posts are related to the team's performance every week, and this one—a one-time deal—is not. Just so you know. I assure you that it's not going to get to the point where every other word I say is sponsored by someone...even though that'd be a pretty sweet deal for me.

Sprint's one of the newest sponsors of SB Nation, though, and they're offering a pretty cool service for anyone who is a fan of A) phones and B) the NFL. NFL Mobile Live is tailor made for a poor sap like myself who has to work through most of the day's football on Sunday, so it might interest those of you who are either too far away or too busy to watch the game on a regular basis. Because you can listen to game audio and radio broadcasts with a set of headphones, it allows you to take it by hoof or by car wherever you happen to be going, assuming your significant other is a tolerant sort of person.

Of course, if that was the only service, it'd be a nice perk and not a reason to own a Palm Pre. In addition, though, you can get your favorite (I hope) Falcons blog on that little screen, because SB Nation and The Falcoholic are available. If you're the kind of person who likes to multi-task, you can have the blog, the wealth of fantasy football information available and the game audio going at once. You crazy person, you. Particularly useful for you heavy fantasy players is the fantasy tracker, which gives you a little update every time one of your guys does something of note.

And while I'm not the type to try to sell you on anything, I have to say I've enjoyed my little free trial with the Palm Pre. I'm used to having phones which are either considered dinosaurs or are actual dinosaurs (ever tried hitting the buttons on a stegosaraus?), so the number of features available here is a pleasant surprise. If you don't usually use your phone for football, this might change your mind, but having Youtube and a decent set of speakers on there is good for those moments when I'm caught without some means of listening to music.

So what does this mean for you? Check out the phone if you're so inclined and if you do, definitely look into NFL Mobile Live. Even if you're not interested, consider heading over to their "Can't-Miss Plays" and vote, especially if the Falcons are involved. If you vote, you have a chance to win Super Bowl tickets, and I won't jinx our favorite team by suggesting anything that's not my right to suggest.

Thanks for your time, guys.