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Jerious Norwood Assaulted By Injury Bug, To Miss Week 7

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Poor Jerious Norwood. First the concussion, and now a potentially serious hip injury keeping him out against the Dallas Cowboys.

That alone would be bad enough, but it's what the Atlanta Journal-Constitution reports that Norwood himself is saying that really worries me:

He could be out "more than a couple weeks," Norwood said.

Dagnabbit! Flizflam! Grogan! Just when we had gotten back the guy who gives defenses a different look on the ground, he's hurt again. This leaves us with Michael Turner and Jason Snelling, quality backs who nonetheless offer much the same running style.

In my opinion, this team needs to promote the new kid on the block, rookie Antone Smith, to the active roster ASAP. I know someone's gotta go if that's the case, but we could use a speedy element against the Cowboys and Smith could at least keep the defense on their toes, even if he's not yet able to do much. Am I overreacting here? I feel as though we need that, even if it's a guy who's new to the system potentially providing that spark.

Get well soon, Jerious. We could really use you going forward.