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How Do You Spend A Bye Week Sunday?



So...there's no Falcons game on Sunday. If you're like me, you'll keep up with the rest of the action in the NFL, stopping only to stare up at the ceiling in despair. It just ain't the same without our birds, is it?

I'm sort of curious to see how you plan to spend your bye week Sunday. I'm assuming most of you don't have a cruel and heartless job that requires you to work that particular day of the week like I do, but I'm interested to see whether you transform into a superhero or a a legendary chemist like Marquis Mustache up there. Maybe you just sit on the couch. I dunno.

While we're at it, talk predictions for the weekend. Are we going to be dealing with a 4-0 Saints squad, or will the mighty Jets finally knock them off? Can our other two rivals both go 0-4? Will the Falcons triumph over the evil Byes? Your call, friendos.