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Report: CB Brian Williams Out For The Season With Injury

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In what qualifies as the worst news of the young season for Falcons fans, Brian Williams has reportedly torn his ACL and will miss the rest of the season.

This is a huge blow to the secondary, because Williams was playing quite well since joining the team before the 2009 season. He was even preventing a touchdown pass when he landed awkwardly and suffered the injury. We'll miss his playmaking ability and veteran savvy in the weeks ahead.

This raises the obvious question of what we're going to do without him. Brent Grimes and Chris Houston have already been getting plenty of snaps, with Grimes playing very well and Houston alternating between doing well and making me want to punch myself in the face. Beyond that, it's Chevis Jackson, who I still like but was out of position on a Bears touchdown pass shortly after Williams left the game, and rookie Chris Owens. Tye Hill has been inactive every week since we traded for him, but I would think that this is going to force the coaching staff to give him a shot at some playing time. Given that the Falcons are a creative bunch, you could also see Thomas DeCoud taking a few snaps at cornerback and having either William "C4" Moore or Antoine Harris fill in a little at free safety. All of these options are on the table, but my guess would be that either Hill or Jackson will get the bulk of his playing time.

The other alternative, of course, is to go out and get somebody. I'm not sure the team wants to part with a high draft pick, but rolling the dice with a guy that can be had for a low round pick is right in Comrade Dimitroff's wheelhouse. There's also free agency, but somehow I don't think there's a lot of impact players languishing in that world. Cornerback Glenn Sharpe could also get a promotion to the active roster, and if this news is confirmed by the team, I'd expect a move no later than mid-week.

Your thoughts on this?