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Opponent Series History Week 6: ATL vs CHI

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I've got two Bears fans talking smack to me at the office. I've got a Bears fan who's talking smack to me in my own email inbox. Suffice to say, I've heard enough Bears smack to last a lifetime. The Falcons have met the Bears twenty three times and have won 11 of those games. The Bears have won 12. Guess what that means: if the Falcons win this Sunday night, the series will be dead even. 

The Facts:

  • Current Series Record against Da Bears: 11-12 (23 total)
  • Score-to-Score Totals: Chicago has scored a total of 427 points against Atlanta's 401 points for a difference of 26 points. That's three TDs, one FG, and one Safety in game terms.
  • There From the Start: We played the Bears in our first year as a team, 1966.
  • Keeping Things Balanced: Both teams have held a 5-game winning streak in this series. The Bears' is more recent with a string of wins in 85, 86, 90, 92, and 93. The Falcons streak occurred in 72, 73, 74, 76, 77.
  • Running Away with It: The largest point differential belongs to Atlanta. The Falcons held the Bears to two field goals while running up their own score to 46 points on Sunday October 14th, 1973.
  • Keeping it Close: 57% of these contests have been decided by 9 points or less.
  • Like Fish in a Barrel: The Bears have scored more than 40 points on 1 occasion in this series. The Falcons have done so twice.
  • Nail Biters: Six of these contests ended up with a victory margin of a field goal or less.
  • Shut Out: Both teams have shut the other out once.