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Could Jamaal Anderson Start At Defensive Tackle?

For many of you, this discussion comes after months and perhaps even years of lobbying for this exact situation. You can feel free to say something snide, such as, "oh, now we're talking about it," and then sit smugly at your keyboard. You've earned that much.

On Sunday, the coaching staff decided to give Jamaal Anderson at defensive tackle the old college try, as D. Orlando Ledbetter from the AJC reported. The result? Anderson actually looked pretty good, hurrying the quarterback twice and getting better penetration through the middle of the line than he ever did on the outside. At his size—he's 6'6" and nearly 285 pounds—it's not unreasonable to put him there, and for one game at least the strategy seemed to work well.

The real question, of course, is whether this is a long-term solution to the issue of what to do with Jamaal Anderson. We've tried him at defensive end and haven't really seen the kind of pass rushing ability everyone was hoping for, so it might be time to end that experiment. If he performs well at defensive tackle, he could at the very least start for the rest of the season and perhaps rotate in and out in the seasons ahead. We could also swing him back and forth between end and tackle, as long as the coaching staff didn't think it was going to affect his performance at either spot.

And my opinion, you ask, wide-eyed? I think this should be a permanent change. The coaching staff already likes to rotate guys out, so it's not like Thomas Johnson is suddenly going to disappear from the game entirely. This puts Anderson is a position to succeed and may just give the middle of our defensive line a needed boost against the run.

What do you all think?