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Post-Game Thread: Falcons Smash 49ers 45-10

This game was so ridiculous that I had to wonder if there was a pound of hallucinogens in my lunch.

To have the Atlanta Falcons go into hostile territory the week after a bye and play like they did defies belief. We knew they were a good offensive team, but a team that wins by 35 points good? And holds the Niners to 10 points? That's just impressive as hell.

As usual, consider this your post-game thread for all things Falcons and the win today. We'll have my bizarre rantings in the form of a recap tomorrow and tlozwarlock will surely weigh in if the wife will let him.

A few things to consider:

  • Record setting day. Most points ever by the Falcons in the first half of a game, the most receiving yards ever in game by one Roddy White, and Matt Ryan set his personal best for passing yards. We just blew up on offense today, and that includes the ground game, where Michael Turner finally got it going.
  • I can't imagine a more penalty and mistake ridden game for both sides. Might've been a lot closer if it hadn't worked out that way, but that's why you play the games. I hope that in future weeks, we can dial down the sloppiness.
  • But hey, was that a complaint? I really don't have too many. Great game that keeps us right in the race for the NFC South. Can't knock the hustle shown by the offensive line or the entire defense today. They played to win it and it showed.
  • Sweet!