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In The Land Of Dreams, The Falcons Might Consider Percy Harvin

Hear me out.

I know many of you are thinking that the only offensive players we should even be considering in this upcoming draft are tight ends and linemen. I understand that, and for the most part I agree with it. It's the responsible thing to do, the kind of thing that you settle down with and have several little responsibilities and a nice picket fence.

Yet I'm going to advocate for something completely out of left field. I'm going to say that the Falcons should at the very least consider taking Percy Harvin of Florida.

For those of you unfamiliar with Harvin, he's a true hybrid who has played well as a receiver and a runner. In the NFL, most teams are going to be looking at him as a receiver/returner type, but I'm convinced he could be effective with 5-10 carries a game as well.

Let's face it, eventually Jerious Norwood is going to get a better gig somewhere else. If Michael Turner holds up to the pounding his body took this year, he's going to continue to be the featured guy. What if we had a guy who could serve as another playmaker in the receiving game and fill the Norwood memorial role as a runner as well? That would make our offense even more dynamic, and despite our clear defensive holes I think it never hurts to diversify our weapons.

Am I just dreaming here, or could Harvin be that kind of guy? Even if he can, is he worth the first or second round pick it would take to get him?