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Objection! Falcons Should Cut Lawyer Milloy

Sometimes you just have to let go.

Take Keith Brooking, for example. An Atlanta Falcons icon for years now, Brooking's play on the field has steadily gone downhill. While I still love him as a person, I've viciously turned on his inability to cover a completely useless tight end in a playoff game.

Not that I am overly bitter, of course.

But it's useful to remember that even icons have to go sometime, because Jeff Schultz at the AJC believes the Falcons shouldn't ditch Lawyer Milloy. While I normally respect Schultz's opinion, he's out of his freakin' mind on this one. Milloy looked old and slow for large stretches of the season, he wasn't very healthy, his DUI arrest hung over him for weeks and he capped the whole thing off by looking like he couldn't tackle a fly against the Cardinals. It's complete lunacy to keep a guy aging that rapidly in front of talented kids like Thomas DeCoud.

All of this would be moot if Milloy was willing to assume a backup role, which would keep his legs fresh and allow him to work that leadership mojo that he's nearly universally praised for. If this team is serious about improving, however, they'll either let DeCoud have a chance or draft another safety who can bring some energy to the position.

It may sound like I'm being harsh with Milloy, but I just don't believe in maintaining the status quo at positions that are clearly becoming a liability. What do you guys think?