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Mocking The Draft Picks S William Moore For Falcons

First, take a look at the mock draft over at the newly revived Mocking The Draft. It's pretty likely we'll have our mock draft there again this year, and it was a really great experiment last year. Soak in the picks and scroll down to the Falcons.

The selection of Missouri safety William Moore is a very interesting one. Safety is a position of need of the Falcons, as Lawyer Milloy should be sliding into a backup/mentor role within a season or so. Moore lacks high end speed, but he hits like a train with a brick wall attached to the front of it and is very good in coverage. If the Falcons decide this is a position of need, I really couldn't complain about this selection.

If I had a preference there, though, it would definitely be the guy Mocking The Draft has the Dolphins picking right after us. That'd be one Phil Loadholt of Oklahoma, who at 6'8 and 337 pounds could convincingly play a small mountain in a major motion picture. There's some concern given about his height and his tendency to play a little stiff, which would make him a poor fit for left tackle. Fortunately, we already have Sam Baker there, so we could easily move him to the other side of the line and either draft again at guard or move Tyson Clabo back inside.

There are a lot of quality choices out there, but I might be inclined to go for Loadholt over Moore. We'll see how this one plays out in the months ahead.

What do you guys think?