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The Falcons' Salary Cap Situation: Who Ya Want?!

A hat tip to ESPN's Pat Yasinskas, who tells us that the Falcons are an estimated $20.8 million under the cap. That's not money to sneeze at, even if you have a peculiar allergy to dollar bills.

Still, the odd nature of the Michael Vick situation and a plethora of in-house free agents means the Falcons may not start running around and flinging money at people in uniforms.More than likely, we'll see more signings in the Von Hutchins mold than the Michael Turner model.

Let's assume, though, that all of that $20 million was yours to spend on the team. By the time that money was thoroughly used up, who would the new faces be? This is less about the team's draft adventures than it is about free agency and perhaps even expensive trades, so go nuts. Maybe one or two of the moves the Falcons actually make will give you the look of a soothsayer.

Go for it!