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Falcons Beat Lions, 34-21

It's days like today that make me incredibly proud to be a Falcons fan.

Consider this a little post-game love for Matt Ryan, Michael Turner, John Abraham and the rest of the crew. Turner deserves big ups for breaking the single game rushing record of Gerald Riggs, one of the franchise's greats, and just generally destroyed the Lions. Ryan showed a great rapport with receivers and did what was needed in his limited opportunities to pass. The coaching staff deserves enormous kudos for creative play calling and keeping Ryan mostly out of danger.

If not for the secondary and some stupid penalties, this game likely would've been a complete blowout. The defense will be a concern with so many young corners flying around out there, but I thought Brent Grimes acquitted himself very well. Chris Houston did not, and it seems inevitable that Chevis Jackson or Domonique Foxworth will be breathing down his neck at some point this season. Adam Jennings also shouldn't be returning anything more than a t-shirt to Macy's, but we'll tackle that in greater detail later this week.

The most important thing here is that we won, period. Next on the list is that we did so convincingly against a bad team, and that gives us a good shot of sticking around against the average and good ones. Suddenly 5 or 6 wins doesn't seem quite so crazily optimistic, does it?

Rejoice in this glorious day and be sure to leave your comments below.