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The Season Begins: Falcons vs. Lions Open Thread

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You may feel like you've wandered through the desert. For months now, you've subsisted on the Olympics (whatever they are) and baseball, drinking from pre-season games like a thirsty man from a goblet. But no more, friend.

Today the season begins as it should, with what promises to be a close game between two non-bitter rivals. The Falcons will test out their new look against one of the NFL's perennial punching bags, who nonetheless are favored against our beloved Birds. Matt Ryan will get his first taste of regular season action this afternoon, and we'll see how a very young team holds up.

Join me after the jump to rejoice in what the autumn has brought us!

Who? Atlanta Falcons versus Detroit Lions, 1 p.m. ET

Where? Georgia Dome, Atlanta, Georgia

Weather? Doesn't matter.

Fun Fact? Did you hear that Tatum Bell stole Rudi Johnson's bags? That's the very definition of fun.

Injuries? The Falcons say Alex Stepanovich (C) is doubtful, while needed backups Thomas DeCoud (S) and Coy Wire (LB) are questionable. I expect to see both of the latter saddle up. The Lions aren't sure what to expect from Dan Campbell (TE) and backup QB Drew Stanton, who are both probable.

Odds? Detroit over Atlanta 3.0, Over/Under 41.0

Foe? Be sure to stop by Pride of Detroit, whose formatting skills put mine neatly to shame. He'll be tracking and analyzing the game as we go.

GO FALCONS! Let's pounce on these Lions!