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Falcons Sign Dominique Foxworth And Jamaal Fudge

Ironically, David Irons seems to be the only cornerback who is safe in this new bloodletting. The formerly beaten down corner remains on the roster even though the team took an excellent gamble on 25 year-old CB Domonique Foxworth, which cost the Falcons a measly 7th rounder contingent on performance. Foxworth could be a huge asset for the team, even if all he does is lock down the nickel spot.

The team continued to give Mike Smith people he's comfortable with, bringing in the humorously named former Jaguars' special teamer Jamaal Fudge at safety. Once again, blah blah blah, Daren Stone is better, but Smith and Thomas Dimitroff certainly don't care what I have to say. Fudge will be a decent backup and Smith knows exactly what he's getting from him. That's cool.

To make room for them, the team released fullback and team funnyman Corey McIntyre, who was a quality backup fullback. This team does not really need a backup fullback, incidentally.

They also released my boy Blue Adams, who somehow managed to get a roster spot for the Falcons despite being a camp signing cut by the Bengals. Alas, poor Blue is gone.

So that's one worthy gamble and not a downgrade at safety. Anyone have a problem with that?