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Terence Moore Wants The Falcons To Win Now!

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In the early days of this blog, I frequently went after columnists who I thought had no idea what they were talking about. As I've gotten a little older and wiser, I realize that for the most part it's wise to let people have their opinions and concentrate on mine, which is obviously correct. Obviously.

I'm going to have to make an exception today. The Atlanta Journal-Constitution's Terence Moore has written a doozy following the Panthers loss. Let's start with the parts I agree with. The Falcons should have capitalized on the mistakes made by the Panthers, and the fact that they didn't should underline that they're just not a good team yet. You've probably already read my post-game take by now. I'm not happy with the Falcons right now.

That doesn't mean that they must start winning games or the coaching staff is in trouble.

Forgive me if I'm wrong, but that seems to be what Moore is saying in his piece. Keep in mind that this is a re-building team widely forecasted to win only two or three games this year. They've already exceeded expectations by being at .500 this early in the season, given that everyone from ESPN to The Farmer's Almanac picked the Falcons to be the worst team in the league. No one is saying that fans, writers and the team itself should be happy losing a winnable game. No one should be saying that this young, cobbled together squad is facing any must win games that don't involve the Chiefs, Lions or (probably) Rams. Moore makes note of the inexperience of the team himself.

In a roundabout way, I'm trying to say that we have every right to expect the team to win on any given Sunday. I also think it's totally unfair to place some sort of overarching expectation for the season on a team that absolutely nobody thought was going anywhere in the first place.