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Sam Baker, Laurent Robinson Already In Doubt For Week 4

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I know that injury news isn't the most cheerful way to start your Tuesday, but I am nothing if not a cold, heartless automaton.

Unfortunately, the news concerns two of our more promising young players. Sam Baker was held out of film sessions with flu-like symptoms, which may or may not be related to his concussion. Baker, as you'll recall, has not managed to finish out the last two games with various injuries and maladies. That's not good news for a rookie, and if he's still feeling weird and out of it the team is likely to mark him down as questionable mid-week. With a tough matchup against Carolina coming up, the Falcons could really use a healthy Baker to anchor the left side of the line.

The other, slightly less critical injury is to Falcoholic sleeper Laurent Robinson. Robinson seems to have a knee sprain, which would likely keep him out the game entirely this coming weekend. That would leave Roddy White and the amazing Michael Jenkins to carry the Falcons' receivers next week, especially given that our tight ends remain incredibly weak targets for Matt Ryan. The upshot is that Harry Douglas may get some more opportunities, and I'd be more than happy to see what he could do.

Thoughts on these unfortunate injuries?